punks not dead

Heosemys spinosa is an endangered species. 

punks almost dead

That is not a Heosemys Spinosa,its a Graptemys nigrinoda. 
they are in the low risk list, therefore, not endangered.

Punks not as almost dead as we thought.

Your all wrong it’s a Barbour’s map turtle. Graptemys barbouri. There assessment is vulnerable which is one step down from endangered. So put that thing back where it came from or so help me!!

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SuperWhoLock and there Hogwarts Houses

The Doctor is in my house!!!

I’m so fucking done with the other women in my life!


I am so done with my “friends” and all the fake women at this school. IT’S TOO FUCKING SMALL and no one acts like a real friend. You know, real friends are supposed to be honest and dependable, right?! At least that’s what I used to think.

Well when you become interested in someone who one of your best friends have a history with (and a recent one), you tell them right? You don’t wait for them to find out through a third party, do you? Especially since she talked to you about her uncomfortablitiy with the whole situation only a few weeks ago. YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! Do you know what this feels like? It feels like betrayal. Thanks for warning me, I really appreciate it.

Different story:
Oh and fake bitch dating one of my friends: No I will not get out, I was friends with them first. Sorry we go to a tiny school but I’m NOT going to stop being friends with your boyfriend because we also have a history. Get over it, we have. We broke up over a year ago, stop being childish.

New story
Hey bitch dating my ex FROM HIGH SCHOOL, I’m allowed to be friends with people. Especially when YOU TWO HAVE A FUCKING KID. I was telling you two congratulations! I was genuinely happy for you two. You’ve gotten the life you both wanted. All Ryan ever fucking wanted to was have a family, and guess what HE GOT THAT! It may not be the life I want, but I can appreciate that you’re both happy. So stop thinking I’m some terrible person, all I want is to be friendly.

I just hate untrusting women and shitty friends. It makes it impossible to try to date anyone at this fucking school or even in this world. I’m so done with everyone.

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